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Are you or your child struggling with chronic health challenges?

Has your child been diagnosed with autism?

Is your child struggling in school?

Is anxiety crippling your child or yourself?

Have you seen specialist after specialist with no results?

Do you or a loved one suffer from depression?

Are you struggling with constant low energy?

Does it feel like the stress is just too much to handle?

Are you worried about your child’s future?

Our Suwanee Chiropractor is focused on helping people with chronic physical and mental health challenges get well and children suffering with neurodevelopmental challenges experience much better health, function and quality of life.

We can’t wait to meet you and look forward to you being our next success story!

We understand how difficult it is living with a chronic health condition or watching your child suffer with mental/emotional or neurodevelopmental challenges.

We also know how hard it is to raise a child with these special needs.

We know you’re exhausted, frustrated, sad and fearful of what the future holds and would like for someone to understand and help guide you and your family to a better quality of life.

This is where we step in.

We know that you have what it takes to overcome these challenges and are here to guide you through that process..

Quite simply… We understand and we care..

Inspire Chiropractic Helps Children And Adults With Chronic Health Challenges



Chronic Fatigue

Digestive Issues





Autoimmune Issues

Ear Infections









Our Suwanee Chiropractic Office has been a trusted partner with, presented at, and held key leadership positions with the organizations, conferences and educational institutions listed below.

If you or a loved one is suffering with a neurodevelopmental disorder, mental health challenges or chronic health condition, you need to hear Inspire Chiropractic unique approach to health.

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What Makes Inspire Chiropractic So Different?

Inspire Chiropractic offers a completely unique healthcare service and experience that you’ve likely never encountered. The nervous system controls every function of our health, bodies and lives yet it is the most neglected and overlooked system in healthcare.

Inspire Chiropractic – Chiropractor Suwanee GA

Meet Dr. Josh Hasty

Look no further. He’s been in your shoes, so he knows how you feel. Bent, broken, and labeled, he’s gotten it all. From a young age diagnosed and overcoming neuro-development delays. To a young adult who hurt himself repetitively and needed to keep getting fixed up. Dr. Josh gets it. His success in healing was always due to the chiropractors that he saw.

Dr. Josh became a chiropractor to help kids with the same issue that he had growing up with the hope to help them get better faster with a more natural approach.

So using a state of the art facility with a gentle results driven chiropractic technique, Dr. Josh is helping previously hopeless cases find a new lease on life. 

Your brain and nervous system control every function of your body, and it’s our mission to release your body’s full potential through neurologically based, chiropractic care. We are proud to serve the Suwanee/Forsyth County, Georgia by applying constant education, advanced techniques, technological advancement, and studious research to ongoing chiropractic care for you and your family.

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We invite you to come visit Inspire Chiropractic at our office in Suwanee/Forsyth County, Georgia. Discover how we can help inspire new health into your life through neurologically based, chiropractic care.

Inspire Chiropractic – Chiropractor Suwanee GA

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What Does Your Initial Visit Look Like

Our Suwanee Chiropractic  office environment and culture is incredibly friendly, open, fresh, and vibrant. We’ve created it with kids in mind to help them feel safe and welcome, however we see generations of families in our practice. We know you’ll feel that you’ve made the right choice as soon as step through our door.


On Your First Visit We Have 3 Goals

Get to Know You

Get to Know You

First and foremost, we want to develop a relationship with you and understand who you are and what your goals and objectives are.

Get Testing

Get Testing

We’re going to perform comprehensive, safe and non-invasive neurological testing that will objectively show the functional status of your nervous system.

Get Clear

Get Clear

We’re going to throughly evaluate your spine, check for nervous system tension and gently make any adjustments necessary so we know exactly how to best help you get well.

Your first visit will last approximately 45 minutes to an hour. At the end of that visit we will schedule your next appointment where we discuss…




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Our frequent educational workshops give you the information, tools and support you need to feel confident and in control of your health future. Whether you become a patient in our practice or not, these classes will give you real-world tools to transform your health or the health of your loved one.

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Come learn about one of the hottest topics in healthcare and research, and why your gut is so crucial to your health, how you feel and chronic physical and mental health conditions.

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This workshop will forever change your view of mental health and give you and your family real-world strategies to improve your health.

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Once you fill out the form, we will contact you to confirm a date and time, answer any questions and get you set for your initial visit.

We can’t wait to meet you and look forward to you being our next success story!


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