With kids back in school and winter at its height, cold and flu season is hitting hard. Everyone knows the common ways of preventing colds and flus with vitamins, avoiding those who are sick and washing your hands. However, most people don’t think about one of the best ways to combat colds and flus: chiropractic.

Your immune system, just like every other system in your body, is directly connected to your nervous system. As we know, chiropractic works directly with your spine and therefore, your spinal chord and nervous system.

When your body goes through an immune response, your brain and immune system work directly together. This means that your nervous system needs to be healthy in order to keep you healthy. The best way to keep your nervous system healthy is through chiropractic. It is proven that people going through chiropractic care have an immune system 200 times stronger than those who don’t do chiropractic.

So when you and your family are trying to prevent the flu, head on over to your chiropractor.